My daughter’s Rice Bowl

My daughter’s rice bowl

In a couple of days, a warm sun light is getting coming out.

At the end of last year, I moved my work space to a counter desk by the window facing the garden. That place is the most and best sunny place in my house in the afternoon. Kintsugi is a job with a lot of detailed work. So, I’m really glad that I can see the details as well in only natural daylight durling the sun is shining. Until now, I had been devising by changing the light in the room, but the best answer to eliminate darkness by my hands was to change the place to sit.

At that place by the window under the gentle sunlight, the first thing I repaired was my daughter’s rice bowl. That was a work I bought from my friend a ceramic artist when my daughter finished baby food and she was going to start eat rice. I chose a beautiful white bowl which must be looked nice with gold Kintsugi, because I was sure as a mother It would be okay to repair even if it was cracked or chipped someday. And when she started using it, some day it came unexpectedly early in only a week. What was more, it was not only a chip and a small craked but that it was broken into many pieces hard to repair  and take a lot of  time.

I had spend about a year and a half to repair it slowly and leisurely. I haven’t decided on the final color yet, so I’m planning to use it with black for a while and then make up again with lacquer work. By that time, there may be new cracks or chips.