Life and circulation of the dishes


Sometimes, the gold and the silver is going to fade away while  I use and wash those dishes which I repaired with them in my everyday life.

I do love that scene on such dishes with no reason.

The beauty of Kintsugi just repaired. The beauty that is going to change by using it.

The beauty which the parfect thing has. The beauty which the unperfect thing has.

Kintsugi is not the way that we repair broken dishes perfectly, not the way  to breake never again, and not the way to make it never change.

Through Kintsugi we can make those dishes to start their circulation of life.

After I enjoy all of the beaties each time it shows, I always feel excited to meet the next beauty.

Like I imagine  “Which colour should I use for next?”

Please enjoy your relationship with your dishes through repairing it , using it, changing and breaking it.

Untill you feel enough.