Kintsugi Short-term Classes / Kintsugi Stay

Kintsugi Short-term Classes / Kintsugi Stay


Short-term program (possible to adjust according to your desired schedule)


・Basic Keshi-fun(powder fnish) course     2 hours×3classes ~(chip, crack, large defect)

Keshi-fun(powder fnish) and Maru-fun(polish finish) course 2 hours ×5 classes ~(How to finish with Keshi-fun and Maru-fun

 The above courses can be frexible. We will make up your original curriculum, so please do not hesitate to tell us if you have any requests such as content or schedule. If you take 5 classes or more, you can try to experience other more techniques such as “wiping lacquer “,”glass Kintsugi”, and “mother-of-pearl work”.


・1class(2hours) \11,000(tax included)  × 3 ~ 5 classes

・Kintsugi kit  ¥11,000(tax included) ~(you can choose from 3 types of urujyu’s Kintsugi kit

Kintsugi STAY

 It is also avarable to stay in our detached house and have experience. There are a private room, a kitchen, a toilet, and a bathroom. Meals are not included. You can cook by yourself, or there are some restaurants and Ryokan(Japanese style Inn) which we can suggest  around the house.


・One night stay  \5,500(tax included)

You can take 2 classes in one day 10:30~ and 14:00~.

Or,  you can take one class and  enjoy sightseeing in Miyama for the rest time. You are free to choose your plan.

Please tell us your desired schedule and choose the class from Basic Keshi-fun(powder fnish) course or Keshi-fun(powder fnish) and Maru-fun(polish finish) course.

If you have any questions please contact us from here ➡ contact us