2 Maneki-neko

I have taken after a black Maneki-neko from my friend. It was broken at the day before we met coincidentally.

The owner said, “I wonder if she wanted to get rid of all the troubles she’s had so far and reborn by Kintsugi.”

First of all, I glued it with wheat lacquer and regained its original shape. After that, it will take about a month to harden the lacquer slowly.

A black cat with straight eyes that looks somewhere in the distance. Speaking of which, it looks just like the beckoning cat of my house.

His name is Uru. Uru means “Urushi” (lacquer), jet black and Urujyu. About 6 years ago, I visited Kiji-shi who makes vessels from wood in the mountains to have the lacquer ware ground. Then, I heard that another Kiji-shi’s cat  gave a birth to a lot of kittens, and I received one of them. It was about a week after I got married to my husband.


After Uru came, my husband  could change and get a job at Miyama where we wanted to move from the time we got married. And we were blessed with two children and the cat brought happiness to our home. The black cat is a symbol of good luck for our family.