About Urushi lacquer rash

From students taking online courses

I’ve got informed that she had a rash when she worked without gloves because she wanted to get along with lacquer!

About Urushi lacquer rash///

Urushi rash is caused by a component called “urushiol,” which is the main component of lacquer.

When urushiol adheres to the skin, it invades from the surface of the skin. Then inflammation occurs in your body to eliminate it the body’s reaction to eliminate it causes inflammation.

This dermatitis caused by lacquer has an incubation period of several hours to a week, so don’t be overconfident that you don’t get a rash just because you didn’t get a rash immediately after touching it.

It is said that “physical condition” and “stress” also affect the cause of rash.

Urushi does not get a rash when it hardens, but you need to be careful until it hardens completely.

Urushi is a resin, so if it gets on your skin, wipe it off with salad oil. (It will not come off even if washed with water) Then wash it well with soap.

If you have blisters or rashes, it is very important not to touch or scratch them.

If you have a Urushi rash, you should see a dermatologist.

(There are antihistamines as an ointment containing steroids)

However unfortunately there are no specific medicines.

If you cool the affected area, Itching is softened.

It takes about one week to one month to completely get rid of itching, but it depends on the individual constitution.

When you work with Urushi, please wear long-sleeved clothes and gloves and be careful not to get the lacquer on your skin.