The irresistible force of bamboo

This spring, with my husband, I used for the first time a weed cutter to get rid of bamboo grass.

While young lacquer trees are growing, bamboo is getting more than more higher.

The irresistible force of bamboo

In only few days, the bamboos have gotten this high !

For the first time, I saw with my own eyes what is called “The irresistible force of bamboo (Hachiku no ikioi)” (This is a Japanese expression meaning something irresistible because it’s too powerful).

Currently, I rent three fields.

This bamboo field, a reed field and chestnut field.

It’s really surprising that each of these fields is full of different type of plants.

This fall, we are going to cultivate the bamboo field behind to plant lacquer trees.

At present, Urujyu is looking for volunteers who can helps us to plant lacquer trees.

For more information, please check the following link ;

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