The charm of Kintsugi.

What is the charm of Kintsugi?

various charms of Kintsugi

For someone, the mind to take care of things such as “Mottainai”.

For someone, the resurrection mind that injured things would be revived beautifully.

For someone, pure beauty that appears at random.

For someone, the meditative act to regain clam and quiet oneself through doing Kintsugi.

For someone, to create a nice and kind cycle for both of people and nature by using things to keep repairing with natural materials.

For someone…

There are many reasons that People would be attracted to Kintsugi.

Right now, Kintsugi is the symbol of sustainable in Europe you know.

Also, I heard that an organization that helps people who have been hurt by the conflict heal their wounds and start their lives again is named “Kintsugi” in Africa.

The spirit is spreading as a symbol of hope for people all over the world who live in the present.


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