Tame-urushi and Bengara lacquer

Material of Kintsugi : Lacquer for painting

How to make Tame-urushi: brown lacquer for painting

  • Material : basic lacquer

This process is called ‘kurome’.

  1. Place a small amount of basic lacquer on top of the glass plate.
  2. Blend it with a spatula for 2-3 minutes. Tame-urushi is done when it becomes thick and dark brown in colour.
金継ぎ 初心者 簡単 本漆 練って 溜め漆 塗漆
Basic lacquer is the only ingredient for tame-urushi (lacquer for painting)

How to make ‘bengara-urushi’… red lacquer for painting.

  • Materials: tame-urushi + bengara (red pigment)
  • Quantity : 1:1 (volume ratio)
  1. Place a small amount of tame-urushi on top of the glass plate.
  2. Take out an amount of bengara according to the ratio.
  3. Mix the tame-urushi into the bengara little by little in 3 times, blend it well for 2-3 minutes and bengara -urushi is done.
金継ぎ初心者 簡単に 塗用 弁柄漆が作れます。
Making Bengara lacquer by mixing tame-urushi and bengara