How to make ”sabi”

Material of Kintsugi : sabi

Sabi is used to fill small chipped areas

  • Materials: tonoko + water + basic lacquer
  • Quantity : 1 : 1 (volume ratio)
  • Drying time : 1 day
  1. Place tonoko on top of the glass plate. Break it into the size of a bean, add water with a pipette.。
  2. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes, when the water is well absorbed, blend it with a spatula until it feels like the texture of a thick toothpaste. If it is too wet, cover it with a piece of tissue paper for 2-3 minutes and blend it again.
  3. Place basic lacquer next to the tonoko water mixture. The ratio of basic lacquer and the tonoko water mixture is 1:1 according to its volume.。
  4. Mix the basic lacquer into the tonoko water mixture little by little in 3 times, mix it until it is evenly blended in. Sabi is done when the mixture becomes like the texture of melted chocolate.
金継ぎ 小さな 欠け 伝統的 修理技法 砥之粉 本漆
Making sabi by mixing basic lacquer and tonoko